17 Improvements in my Life After I Stopped Working in a Corporation

I had the true pleasure of working in Siemens Wind Power in Denmark for the past 1.5 years. I just stopped on the 31st of Jan 2017.

And despite of what the title states, I was happy to get the job there and I had good relationships with my colleagues. In the beginning I even liked the tasks I was working with. 🙂 I was eager to learn how a corporation works, the systems and procedures it has, how it manages so many thousands of employees. And I did learn a lot, from a lot of different people – 99% indirectly. Plus, I really like wearing shirts because they are cool and comfy, so a corporation is the place to be. 🙂

But at the same time I felt that the way some things are done is just outdated and they don’t work toward the benefit of the employees, nor the company’s.  After just 15 days away from my corporate job (where I worked both full-time and part-time), I have recorded that a lot of things have been improving in my life.

So here are the improvements – see if you find yourself in any of them:

  1. I mostly work on things that I’m passionate about and that make me happy.
  2. I no longer have a feeling of guilt when I take breaks. Ofc it’s allowed to take breaks, but there is no policy around this and a 5 minute break every few hours felt long. I just felt forced to stay in front of my PC and finish my tasks even if my back is aching.
  3. I get things done that have been on my personal “to-do” list for a year or more. If they didn’t go away, trust me they are important! 🙂
  4. I earned more money from my investments in 1 month than I did in 1 year before. (Not to be confused with 1 year’s salary.) This is also due to having gained experience, but also because I had more time to scout for good stocks and investment opportunities.
  5. I read more books and articles. I am educating myself daily – I am learning more and developing much faster.
  6. I haven’t been bored for 1 second. That didn’t happen often on the job either, but sometimes…ehhh.
  7. I had time to go at events, network,  build new relationships and improve the ones I already had.
  8. I had time to go out on more dates and not have such a strict schedule.
  9. I had time to work on 2 businesses simultaneously. This is probably one of the most important things for me! 
  10. I am not limited to discuss only with people from inside the company from 7:30 AM to 4 PM. This is definitely a network booster!
  11. I don’t feel stressed or pressured by external forces that I cannot influence anymore. This was definitely a problem there and many employees are on long-term sick leave due to stress.
  12. I get in the FLOW state every single day and my productivity is just beautiful! 🙂
  13. I restarted writing on my blog, made a vlog and emailed all the people who decided to support my projects. This was long overdue! 🙂
  14. I managed to do better planning on a daily basis, but also for my projects and life in general.
  15. I’ve got the time to do some individual CrossFit workouts for my level (not just workout while I’m coaching) and have been cycling more kilometers.
  16. I’m not sleep deprived anymore. I don’t have to sleep half my Saturday away just so my body can recover from all the lost sleep.
  17. I can talk with my family and my friends more often, not just in the evening when I get home tired from work.

Generally, I feel that I am happier and more fulfilled because I work on things that I’m passionate about, I work on building my own company and making myself some passive income, and not somebody else. And I’m happy I don’t have to look, talk and be in a specific way and compete with others to climb the (imaginary) corporate ladder.

I don’t judge anyone who works in a corporation, some people really fit perfectly in such environments. But that’s just not the case for everybody, and apparently not for me either. We all have to pay bills and use money left and right, but there are multiple ways to get this general result.

I’ve been working all my life one way or another, and after my experience in a corporation I can say that I was felt better mentally in other jobs. Especially when working on my own projects. 

Did you find yourself in any of the above? What do you think would improve in your life if you wouldn’t have to go to work anymore?


Citius, Altius, Fortius. (~Faster, Higher, Stronger)

Leonard Burcă

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