Active – Proactive – Productive

Daca vrei sa fii productiv trebuie sa te tii foarte ocupat

If you want to be productive, as a general rule of thumb, you must keep yourself very busy.

I was thinking the other day at the fact that the people that seem to be the busiest, are also the people that can take on an extra task and finish it.

On the other hand, a person that is not too busy, let’s say (s)he has only two tasks to complete during a day, is somehow unable to complete even those.

So I was thinking: “How is this possible?”

One person is really busy, “running” all day in order to complete all the tasks. Meanwhile, the other person is unable to complete 2 mundane tasks.

There are 3 main factors that influence this situation:

  1. When you’re busy, you’re very focused on the tasks that you have to perform because you have no time to waste. Other tasks are waiting in line and need your attention. But you know that the better you focus on your current task, the better your result and execution time.
  2. Anticipating your next move. You know which task will be next, so when you get to it, you basically hit the ground running because your brain had the time to visualize it and all that is left is pure execution. “First I do this, then I do that (imagining the task and how it will be performed) etc.”
  3. Inertia. You already gained some inertia from your first, second, n task. When you get the next one, you use the inertia you already gained to do that one as well like it’s no big deal.

Imagine a vehicle. If you put a brick in from of its wheels, it will have a hard time starting or it cannot start at all. But if the vehicle has inertia, it can easily pass through a brick wall. Imagine how a train would crush through a 1 meter thick brick wall if traveling with 250 km/h. This is the power of inertia.

Think about it: Who are the most productive people you know?

The people that are usually the busiest – it’s logical. They are the ones moving thing forward, creating results.

However, don’t fall into the trap of looking active – just so people can thing you are productive. It’s your own time that you’re playing with at the end of the day.

Be proactive in the way you operate – anticipate what needs to get done and get to it. That’s what will make you productive.

Wishing you to go from active to proactive and productive!

***Citius, Altius, Fortius. (~Faster, Higher, Stronger)

Leonard Burcă

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