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Be Young & Successful - by Leonard Burca
55 tested principles to performance, leadership and fulfilling your dreams
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Here's how it all started...


My life was transformed by one big dream. I was in high-school during one class where we were told that we can study abroad, how cool it would be and how many opportunities would arise as a result of that. I was sold... All I thought about for the next 3 years was how the hell I could get from my current condition to actually study in an expensive country like Denmark.


Very soon I realized it was not just money that I needed to get here. I was lazy, liked playing video games all days long and watching movies, play pool and party with my friends, be at the bar, skip classes... All the things that seemed cool, but I was doing them just out of inertia - because that's what my friends were doing.


I knew something drastic had to change. I still remember that moment vividly...


I went to a water spring near my hometown and started thinking about my life. My mother unfortunately died before I turned 3, leaving my dad alone to raise me and my 4 siblings. The whole situation was very hard on him, so he turned to alcohol more and more. Being the youngest of the 5, all my siblings moved out and started their own families abroad, and while they were supportive, they were too far to realistically help me. Then it struck me:


Everything I was ever going to achieve, everything I was going to experience and become was completely in my hands. Assuming responsibility over everything in my life was an actual game-changer (life changer in this case).


Once I made that realization, my life changed 180 degrees! I started to read a lot of non-fiction and books, volunteered in 2 organizations, stopped skipping classes and took school seriously and started doing a lot of extra things that were improving my life and help me get closer to my dream of studying abroad.


And this offered me so much leverage.


I developed my character, my discipline, my work ethic, my ability to not be discouraged by challenges and to advance my dream on step at a time, one day at a time. It was that what enabled me to get to Denmark and get my Bachelor degree in Value Chain Management.


That shift in thinking, that wrecking ball of a leverage that I created out of nothing and within myself is what made it possible for me to first write this book in Romanian, publish it, translate it to English and publish it again now...


Is what made it possible... to start my own company, build a team, sell products on Amazon and on Shopify (and also help clients do the same)


Is what made it possible... to start investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies and profit consistently by using safe, tested methods


All the while being a CrossFit coach in 2 gyms, having an active social life, travelling and eventually finding a girlfriend that I am happy with.


It was just me and my ideas and knowledge, my determination that I've used to bolster my success in the past, and the same that I'll use for the future.

What can you take out of it?




Here's what I want you to take from this realization of mine:


We all have the potential within us to achieve any dream that we set our mind on, regardless of the current conditions. We all have the ability to take ideas and create something unique, remarkable for ourselves and others.


We can develop our character, our personalities, inner traits and abilities to the point where we can become unstoppable, disciplined - a real force of nature.


Unfortunately, being young makes adults treat us like we don't have enough experience, enough expertise, enough this or that... So we're not given a chance to prove ourselves.


Yet they seem to forget that yesterday they were young too, that every expert and every professional was once an amateur, a beginner. They forget that ideas, perseverance, courage, discipline to get things done does not depend on age. They depend on one's inner development and their DESIRE to succeed, no matter what the challenges.

You're not alone on this path either...


I want you to realize the same thing I realized: Before anything will ever change in your life, in your relationships, in your bank account, in your physical appearance, your amorous life... Things need to change within yourself.


You need to develop the traits that you already have, challenge yourself and get the right tools and principles to guide you along the way. Just like I did and continue to do, just like any respected personality out there has done intensely at the beginning of their journey.


All of my mentors that I've ever gotten close to and respect, at some point confessed how difficult the beginning of their journey was, how they had to develop their personality, charisma, increase their focus, get passed feeling rejected, failing businesses, failing book and product launches...


It really sounds like no one could get through so many hardships and get out fine on the other side of the tunnel. But it was exactly those hardships that turned them into what the rest of us see today - success, happiness, accomplishment, good finances, awesome relationships, travels and so forth.


So I already knew that I was on the right path, but hearing their stories confirmed it once again that what I really needed to work on was myself - and once I got that piece of the puzzle right, all the other pieces would fall into place and create my life just as I dream of it.

I thought this would be a really cool thing to do...


That's why I decided to take on this humongous project and write an Ultimate Guide... Containing everything a young person, at the beginning of their life and of their career would ever need to become a successful people internally, and then turn dream after dream from idea into reality.


Introducing the book... "Be Young & Successful - 55 tested principles to performance, leadership and fulfilling your dreams"


This books is The Ultimate Guide that you or anyone would need to design, plan, execute and overcome any challenge on the way to living the life of your dreams.

It is the culmination of literally hundreds of books that I read from the beginning of my high school, through uni, and now; uncountable number of articles, personal discussions with my mentors, friends - all tested on my own skin before it ever made it on the page.


It's designed as a pyramid of skills and principles you can climb and master, all the way to becoming the best version of yourself and fulfilling your dreams.

For the cost of a restaurant meal (less if you buy on discount), you can get this compendium to shed light on the way ahead...


The book costs 19.99 Euro for the eBook/ epub version (better for our planet). Or 24.99 Euro for the paperback version.


The Pre-Sell (1 – 8th of March) and the Public Launch (8th – 22nd of March) is over and therefore the big bonuses are not available anymore.  But because we like our clients we came up with a new offer for you. Buy the book before the end of 2018 and get a 15% discount.



If you would like to support me for my efforts and want me to continue writing and inspiring young people to make their life into a masterpiece, then you can pay the full price at any time.


Are you ready to take your life to the next level of achievement and fun? Or you're going to let life pass you by...


I want you to realize the untapped potential that lies within you and exploit it to the max and get the result you dream about. I've seen for myself what the knowledge in this book can do for you and I'm so looking forward to receive your email writing me about your accomplishments, just like so many of my Romanian readers have done so far.


Every aspiring entrepreneur, student or creative person wanting to advance their career can benefit from doing the same.

Together we're a stronger generation. I'll meet you inside the book!


Buy "Be Young & Successful - 55 tested principles to performance, leadership and fulfilling your dreams" and let's see how far you can take this.

Now it's your turn to learn, develop, take massive action and amaze us with what you've got.


I'm rooting not for your success, but for you to BECOME successful!



Leonard Burca

The author - that really wants you to achieve your dream (project with high emotional attachement)

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