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Be Young & Successful

55 tested principles to performance, leadership and fulfilling your dreams

Here’s how it works…Be Young & Successful by Leonard Burcă

Successful, performant people that are now respected actors, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, athletes… They all have one thing in common: they used to be young, lost, wishful, AMBITIOUS just like us and had to learn the principles and develop the work ethic that would help them achieve their dreams, and become what they are today.

“Be Young & Successful”

has been written to speed up this process by compiling all the essential principles you need to master into one ultimate personal development book.

Because I know that one of those personalities could one day be YOU!

The Ultimate Guide – 55 tested principles that will increase your performance, leadership and will help you to fulfill your dreams

The book was written as a “pyramid of mastery” where you start at the bottom with the essential skills and principles and then slowly climb higher to more complex ones. after completing the given challenges within the chapters and integrating the principles/skills.

Leonard Burcă, the author, has personally tested everything in the book on his own skin before writing it to make sure it works, after reading hundreds of books, attending courses and by learning from his mentors.

As a young person himself, looking to advance his goals, he knows exactly the type of challenges the youth of today faces and has found solution to overcome modern day challenges and continues to do so today.

This book presents you a methodology to live your life that will help and guide you to achieve your dreams/projects.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you have achieved your desired level of success!

Using the information and techniques in the Ultimate Guide, you can get there faster than you imagine!

Let the adventure begin!

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How will this book help you, starting TODAY?

.Be young and successful - 55 principles to performance, leadership and fulfilling your dreams

  • You will discover 55 principles, techniques and tools successful people use – they are extremely practical and will help you to transform your life (I’m living proof of that!).
  • Learn how to bring your life to the next level through exercises and practical challenges found at the end of most chapters.
  • Discover true & tested so-called “secrets of success” that I had to learn too. Behind the fancy cover, this is powerful knowledge that simply WORKS when applied.
  • Receive information that will help you set your course in life, discover your strengths and build on them.
  • Discover what it really means to be a successful person within, not just experience successes, which can sometime be in fact detrimental.
  • Learn how to differentiate and express yourself, and how to be appreciated and respected by others.
  • You will never be bored again, but instead live a more adventurous and creative life-style. Find the inspiration you need to drive you to action!
  • Find out how to fulfill even the most grandiose and idealistic dream, just as I and others did.
  • You will no longer have to worry that you will not be successful in life because you will learn the characteristics and techniques of successful people, and start on your personal journey to fulfillment.

… and many other interesting things that will help you all the rest of your life.

For less than the price of a restaurant meal you can change your life!

My question is: Are you READY to experience life at a different level?


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"Be Young & Successful" by Leonard Burcă

How is the “Be Young & Successful” unique?

1) You have 2 books in 1, an Ultimate Guide to personal achievements and an autobiography.

2) A book written from a young person for the young generation, in the Social Media world, where the internet, video-games, series and distractions take the best out of our productivity.

3) The book describes how it is to study for a bachelor abroad, in Denmark, a multi-cultural environment and the clash of cultures, making it an international adventure.

4) The only book in the world for young people that includes in one place the notions of: character, self-discipline and habits, physical strengthening, development of the spiritual part of our being, our personality, mentality and leadership principles.

5) In the first book, you will find all the elements, techniques, principles and valuable information you need to know, that will help fulfill your dream. In the second book, you will read my personal journey that I hope to serve you as an example and source of inspiration.

6) All the techniques and information described have been tested and verified by thousands of people before me, but also by myself and only then written – which gives you the guarantee that you will get results.

7) You will have a good reason to approach or write to me, because any topic in this book is a great ice-breaker for me.

8) I know fewer people are taking the time to relax and read today. That’s why I wrote this book in an easy to read style. This will help you read quickly and absorb the information immediately.

Extra 9) The only book about success dedicated to young people in Romania, when it was first written.


SPECIAL OFFER 15% OFF! Buy the book just for 15.99 EUR


About Leonard Burcă

Leo Burca suit upLeonard (Leo) is the entrepreneur behind ULCO. E-commerce LLC, including Bello Bambino, and the author behind where he writes article related to productivity, happiness, entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development in general. He also shares his knowledge about other things that interest him, such as CrossFit, cycling, travelling, writing, cryptocurrencies and investing in general.

Leonard has appeared in many newspaper articles in both Romania and Denmark, as well as on radio and TV in Romania where he tries to encourage today’s youth to focus on their dreams/projects and give them the tools and strategies to advance them consistently.

After accomplishing his high-school dream of getting a Bachelor in Value Chain Management in Denmark (coming from a poor family), he proceeded to his next big dream of starting a profitable company and building his team (ULCO. E-commerce LLC and Bello Bambino Shop).

Writing “”Be Young & Successful” (first in Romanian in 2014) was also his dream to help fellow youth tap into their potential, take massive action and, together, help make the world a better place.

His next dream is a charitable project where he travels around the world on bike and using 100% of the received donations to help people in need locally throughout the 50.000 KM he plans on cycling.

In fact, Leo organizes his life in dreams (projects with high emotional attachment) whereby he obsessively tries to accomplish them, while making a positive impact in the world around him.

If you find this encouraging and inspiring, please share it with your friends so that our new generation can make a difference by uniting our efforts and making a positive difference.

Read a more detailed auto-biography here. Or contact him directly here. (share by using buttons on the left! 😉 )


SPECIAL OFFER 15% OFF! Buy the book just for 15.99 EUR

What does “Be Young & Successful” contain?

– quickly read a short preview of many of the chapters in the tabs below-

  • Intro

    Let’s take things to a higher level!

    We start on the road of an exciting life! I present you my main message to guide you through the book, take a crucial decision and start in an epic way, on an epic journey!

    Success <–> Failure? How do we start on the right road?

    I present the standard, social definitions of success and failure and then the ones I developed for myself. To achieve success, you must first define it very clearly. Thus, you will always have your direction set straight and follow your “north”. In addition, it provides well-grounded reasons for starting your personal development journey.

    Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Building Character and Self-discipline

    The Inner – Outer World Analogy

    Success always (ALWAYS!!!) starts within ourselves and then manifests itself outwardly. When you understand and act according to this, your life will be in a continuous and accelerated evolution!

    Does character matter?

    Something rather rare nowadays, and therefore very valuable wherever you go in the world. Features are described and how you can become a youth with strong character, appreciated for what you are.

    Personal Values and Principles

    Success that is NOT achieved following personal values ​​ends up being more painful than pleasurable. You will define your individual guiding principles that will help decision-making in every area of ​​life. I will present two techniques that are easy to put into practice, but have a impact.

    Self-discipline – Or the ‘Turn On’ button for your potential

    Jim Rohn says that in life we ​​must choose one of two sufferings: the suffering of discipline or the suffering of regret. Which one do you choose?

    Three secrets to build a strong character

    Discover 3 secrets that I have been constantly using for years to complete any kind of challenge or project – guaranteed. Detailed in such a way that it is easy to put into practice, these 3 subchapters, alone, can make a major difference in your performance.

    I Do it for Myself!

    Developing a personality with strong initiative is a universal trait of successful people. How do you initiate projects that will help you grow, so that eventually you can help those you care about?

    What defines a completely mature young person?

    It doesn’t matter what age you are, or that you have children. Without this trait, you cannot be considered a completely mature individual. It’s crucial you learn what it is and live by it.

    Active or productive

    The differences between these 2 are almost not noticeable, but results (or lack thereof) are caused by this small difference, the small things we do. Learn how to make the difference between what brings results and what doesn’t and fructify your time. (+ stories that motivate me very much)

    The age of distractions

    A destructive disease of the age we live in is an acute dependence on distractions. Although technology should make our lives easier, it only makes us more confused and less productive. What attitude and tools do you need to face this situation?

    How you steal your own freedom

    If freedom is one of our most precious values ​​we, the youth, hold dear, then why are you stealing it from yourself? You must stop this until it’s too late, and I give strong arguments through the information and principles in this chapter.

    Courage and fear

    Life will pass before your eyes if you fail to conquer your fears. Often, fear is the only thing stopping us from making the most important steps in our lives. Make that call, invite that girl/boy out, make that presentation etc… Find out how I became a person with more courage and how you can do it too.

    How to Take Your Life to the Next Level (3 subchapters)1) Overcoming your current condition 2) Be your biggest fan 3) Never give up!

    Whether you are successful, or you find yourself helplessly stuck, it’s time to find out how to take your life to the next level. The truth is that you use only a small part of your potential and you must build a strategy to take your life to the Next Level!

    Finally, I will give examples of some personalities that inspire me and a repurposed tools to discover your qualities, flaws, the best opportunities to follow, and possible downfalls.

  • Chapter 2: Your body, your Temple

    The True Value of Your Body

    The mantra is “Mens sana in corpore sano”. The benefits of a healthy body and its influence on the brain are known from antiquity, and the latest research supports this and indicates an incredibly high correlation. In addition, what is the point of success, if your health does not allow you to enjoy it?

    Nutrition and The Fight Against Obesity

    The time has come for you to take responsibility and decide on a proper and healthy diet – gone are the days where your parents fed you with the same foods they grew up with. There are 3 types of body types, learn how to feed and train yours best.

    Exercising & Sport

    Of the 168 hours a week we have, how many do you use for sports? How many being sedentary? Sport increases self-confidence, helps you at cognitive functions, productivity and regulates the emotional chemicals in your body. So, what is stopping you from doing it every day?

    Relaxation and Leisure

    Did you know that some substances in our body are being replaced only during sleep? Find out what I’ve tried, what works, and what doesn’t in terms of sleep habits.


    It only takes a few minutes, and I wouldn’t give up this habit in the foreseeable future. The benefits of meditation and the technique I have been using for a very long time with amazing efficiency are outlined in this chapter.

  • Chapter 3: Exploring spirituality and the human soul

    What Spirituality Means To Me

    You can’t ignore the fact that you have a soul, something more than your body. The two great purposes of our life on Earth are also presented.

    The trap of being spiritual

    How to avoid the trap of spirituality, religion and indoctrination, and instead keeping the principles and wisdom that are thousands of years so that you can have a happy, loving life and make others happy too. If you do that, you will become successful.

    We’re All One!

    The principle is simple and ancient: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

    How can you be spiritual and practical?

    I think this is what spirituality should be in the end. Being godly and spiritual without being practical is like being a good cook, but never serving your food. Find out what you can do as a young person.


    I present you how I decided stop running after happiness and began experiencing it instead. I think the most important thing in this chapter is the so-called “secret to happiness” that I’ll pass to you in turn and which is this… well, secret! 🙂

    The positive attitude

    Zig Ziglar said that a positive attitude does not help you do everything, but it helps you do anything better than if you had a negative attitude. If you want to have a positive life, you must start with a positive attitude and mindset. Tips & tricks and how to turn a positive attitude… into positive action!

  • Chapter 4: Developing the mentality and personality of a leader

    Why to be a leader? Who can be a leader? What is a leader?

    Leadership is when one’s life influences another. I think you will find yourself at least once in such a situation. I am introducing not only benefits and features, but also responsibilities of a leader. Being in the leading position throughout life is inevitable, either at the office, socially or at home. The difference is how well you’ll handle it. The world around you needs you to make a difference! The sooner you develop your skills, the better you will become.

    The most important weapon in the arsenal of a modern leader

    An entire chapter on how to master both personal emotions and (understanding) those of the people around you. Find out why you do everything you do, what are the elements that influence / control your emotions; and what it means to be strong as rock and sensitive as a flower.

    Living the present

    Are you still here with me? Or are you outside of the present moment? In a few minutes you’ll travel again, back in the past or in the future. A complex situation. Just be careful not to fall into your mind’s trap. The moment is now!

    Leaders vs. Problems

    The only difference between the small owner of a fast-food stand and Ray Kroc, McDonald’s founder, is the size of the problems they’re solving/solved. The more you succeed in managing larger problems, the more successful will be. The only people who don’t have problems are in the cemetery …  If you still have them, be happy and go on to solve big problems.

    How to create the opportunities you need

    A chapter that respects your uniqueness and teaches you how to be original, so you can create the opportunities you need to move your life forward. I present some interesting benefits, but I also prove that originality is crucial to your success and happiness in life.

    Along with the GIANTS

    The chapter that will help you develop at least two times faster, steadily and with reduced effort! Discover who these giants are and how they can transform your life.

    Learn to sell your ideas and skills

    You are wasting your time if you go to the market with the best tomatoes but don’t know how to sell them. For this you will need to know how to communicate effectively. Learn from experts in the field, whose tips I condensed, easy to digest. In addition, you will find out which are the 5 biggest mistakes you can make in communication.

    If you do this, you will feel inspired, very confident and unbeatable

    Sounds good, doesn’t it? Guess what, it’s all documented scientifically. Discover what it’s all about and collect benefits in a just few minutes.

    Leaders are readers

    I haven’t said this first; a president of the United States did. I am reinforcing this habit with a list of 10 benefits that reading offers, and I am also giving you a must-read list with books that have shaped my life. If you don’t read, I respectfully recommend that you start feeding your brain with wisdom from books.

    The most profitable investment

    Warren Buffet, the biggest and most famous investor of the modern economy, said the following: “The most profitable investment you can make is ….” [find the continuation in the book] 🙂

    A chapter that provides techniques to increase your productivity and help you take control of your life, and not let life control you. How can you always have the time, but also the energy you need for the things that matter in your life? A 3-step process that will help you do more things in one month, than others do in 6 months. Discover the true value of your time!

    The master-plan: Dream → Objectives → Action Steps

    The chapter that makes the difference between people who simply “want something” and the people who make that something real. You will learn, step by step, how to craft a well-designed plan, from the largest detail to the smallest one. In addition, people without a dream will find information that can help them discover it and provide a clear direction to their lives no matter how confused they are now.

    The common trait of all successful people

    The trait that will be developed here is, the “… speed” (find it out in the book). Although the value is in the other chapters, this chapter ensures that you will take the necessary action steps. This book is not just an interesting reading that is meant to motivate you. No! It’s meant to help you make the changes you strived for so long.


    Find out how I use a strange concept to have equilibrium formed from extremes. Balance is not equal to the comfort zone, although many may fall into this trap. Find out the areas where I personally strive to maintain balance and how I do it.

    Success is a continuous journey

    Have you fulfilled your dream? Are you “successful”? That’s great! Celebrate and get your butt back to work! Success can’t be won forever, it can only be rented. And the rent must be paid every day. You will understand how to avoid the “success-to-failure” syndrome. The last story is about Michelangelo and refinement.

    Finally, we will unite our forces to fulfill a common dream: to create a successful generation of young people!

  • Part II: The University – or fulfilling and living the dream

    You will discover how I came to live with a Danish family I met on the first day I arrived in Denmark, the part-time jobs I experienced, a “special” and funny Halloween party, how I re-found a mother, how the Danish educational system works, and much so more.

    Note: The Romanian version of this book included the high-school period of the author’s life, but as the Ultimate Guide has been expanded and developed, that part has been removed.

Now it’s your time to plan and achieve your dream, it’s time to be great!Logo Leonard Burca

In honor of your success,

Leonard Burcă

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OK – done here. Do you have any questions?

You can write to Leo directly and he’ll answer as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your interest. 😉 ♥


IMPORTANT: If you are a parent, a relative or simply care about the child’s future, I guarantee that this book will help them. The role of society, school, but especially of parents is the growth of independent children, who can take care of themselves under all circumstances. In this book, these things are learned: to be independent, to take responsibility, to educate and to build a future to be welcoming.

The principles written in the book are universal and work for everyone. I just took hard-to-understand information, digested and simplified it. It’s like, instead of reading a complex book on psychology, I present the simplified principle (usually with an example).

“You’re never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new vision.” C.S. Lewis

SPECIAL OFFER 15% OFF! Buy the book just for 15.99 EUR

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