I swear I lived…


I’m about to end a week that was at least very interesting.

What I want to share with you in this post, is my strong, unshakable belief that whatever we have inside of us, in our minds and our spirits will one day reflect in the real world.

And even if you’ve done all the inside work to achieve whatever you might want to achieve, it will still take time until it will reflect into your other world.

That’s why you need at lot of patience. Just like a Zen master, like a monk living up in the mountains.

But I’m telling you, do the inside work, keep at it and your desires will sooner, rather than later be in front of you to see.

Even though the rest of the people around you can’t see it now.

This week one of this events happened to me. And even now the world can’t see it, because it’s not displayed on a big billboard. But I know it, and it’s a confirmation to me that I’m progressing.

Like I was saying, this week was very intense. I worked my ass of – both at work and when I got home. And I’ve been exercising and going to my regular activities (crossfit, latino dances). And I’ve been to a great event on Friday night, at a restaurant and then to some clubs in Aarhus.

But I’ve set myself one clear goal this week, above all others: to help someone else achieve their dream, as a sign of gratitude for choosing me and for helping me.

And so I’ve done.

I set my goals aside and dedicated large amounts of time to help that person achieve this short-dedline dream. Whenever I had 10 minutes of break in my day, I was helping that person take the dream one step closer to achievement.

And man did I get a lot of satisfaction out of this. And man did I feel like progressing and developing myself even more. And man was it an honor for me to do so, to know that I can be of such value to someone!

Just wanted to share this with you and remind you that whenever you do the inner work, the outer world will eventually follow.

You just need the patience.

I leave you with this song, that inspired me the entire week. And I hope that you live life in such a way that you can always say: “I swear I lived…”

Leo Burca ​

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