One of the most valuable lessons in my life

It’s all about adding value. Every step of the way.

That will continue to guide and transform my life.

I remember vividly when I first encountered the specific terms of “value adding ”. It was during the first semester of my university, during the first week I’ve got home and was preparing for the following day. I was in my tiny room, at my tiny desk, with my big lamp and reading a book that had an impressive size for me at that time.

I remember reading, more or less, the following: “A company’s activities should be focused on adding value to its customers. Whatever isn’t value adding for the customers is not really needed as it will decrease the profitability of a company” Basically, it was saying the there are specific activities which lead to products or services that the customers values, and those activities is what the company has to focus on.

It sounded to me pretty obvious: Just do what the customers likes and wants. So, I wasn’t impressed. (Just like you might not be now) But at the same time I could feel there is a deeper meaning to this “value”.

The revelation came when I thought about using this business principle in my personal life, in my interactions with other people. This completely transformed the way I think!!! It’s not an exaggeration. On a day to day basis, I started to think how can I add value in the life of the people I interact with.

What would they really need, what would they desire, what would they like more of, what would delight them? Notice that this is a gradual increase in value, or at least different types. (like a pyramid)

You know the feeling when an illusionism trick impresses you immensely when you first see it, but it’s extremely tedious when you know how to do it… that’s what happened to me in this case, but in a reversed order. Taking this simple, but extremely powerful principle and putting it into practice made and will continue to make a huge difference in my life.

You probably know by now that most people usually act mostly if it’s in their self-interest. This principle helps you appeal to their needs and satisfy them. But the way I do it is… as corny as it sounds… in a loving way.

People love to have other people in their lives that add value –especially in a loving, trustful, selfless way.

So when I think about my friends, my family, my manager, my co-workers and all the people in my life, I ask myself: What would they really value?

Some examples:

Would my brother or sister value if I hug them lovingly? [need or like]

Would my friends value if I bring them a gift from my latest trip? [like]

Would my Danish family value if I bring them a bottle of wine next time I visit them? (And should I do this the first week of every month so I don’t forget? [more of…]

Would the cashier value if I ask her how it’s going, make a joke and/or wish her a great day? [delight] 

I honestly hope this post was valuable for you!


I would really like to know… what can I do that would be value adding for you? I will read every comment and try my best to add value to your life. 🙂

Citius, altius, fortius (Faster, stronger, better) – My personal motto

Leo (the guy obsessed by value adding) Burca

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