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Quick update of past – what happened since I last posted; present – what I’m working on now and my plans for the future.


Leo Burca here! We’re back in business! 🙂
This is my first vlog post in a long time, so I will use this mostly to update you.
Just click on this video to see my new vlog with the updates:
ReStart and Updates |Vlog| Leo Burca

Some of you know about the book that I’ve wrote, called “Be young and successful” – where I presented how I achieved my biggest dream at the time – that of getting to study abroad, the tools I used and how you can do it as well. Well, I am very proud to tell you that I have now achieved that ambitious dream and managed to get myself a good education (free of charge). These past 3.5 years I’ve been in Denmark have been some of the most challenging and difficult of my life. However I took complete responsibility of my life -> results have started to appear. Making these years also the most fulfilling ever.

    1. I finished my education and stopped working in Siemens Wind Power (where I’ve been for 1.5 years)
    2. This gives me time to work on things that I really want and that can help me develop a lot.
    3. I am now developing a product called “In the FLOW” – we are still in the initial phase, testing the market and developing new features, etc. I don’t want to say anything good or bad about the product yet, I’ll let the customers do that.
    4. I will make another post where I will talk only about the product “In the FLOW”
    5. If this business fails, then I have other business ideas to start on (one of which I have started a bit on, actually
    6. Extra note: I am also a CrossFit trainer at VIA sports and will continue to be for at least 5 more months 😉 I just love doing this sport 🙂
    1. The BIG trip and the project “Around The World On Bike” is still going to happen – THAT IS MY NEXT BIG DREAM, but first I want to establish a source of income through one of these businesses.
    2. I estimate somewhere between 6 months to 1 year before I will actually start. Probably the latter.
    3. If you know anyone that I should talk to – a sponsor, an experienced cyclist, etc. please write me so I can get in touch with them.
  3. Because I have some time now, I will try to post more regularly on the website and keep you posted. But I need to see your interest so I know it’s worth my time – so comment with your thoughts, or like and share.

As you can see, I really stay true to the values that I presented in the book and take some leaps of faith. So, I hope this will be some
If you’ve missed our previous email, you can see the map of the BIG trip below:

The map of the route ” “

For a limited time: you will be able to edit the map!
Can you help with accommodation? Can you or a friend help us with a place to sleep or install our tents? This is very IMPORTANT!; Places you recommend us to see. Let us know by marking the info with a special sign on the map. It’s easy to set icons for the markers. 😉

Any questions? aims to be more than a project and build a community. What are your questions about this trip? Do you know any sponsors that might want to support such a project?
Or just write us a “Good luck!” message!

I promise to read every single message from you!

Wishing you an adventurous time!

Leonard Burcă

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