The BIG Trip – Did I really mean it?

I’ve realized that I’ve started to think differently from the people around me – at another level, I would dare to say. And I don’t say this with a note of superiority, but just as a fact.

The truth is that I constantly study the human mind, psychology, success, how to set and achieve your objectives and dreams… how to improve your life constantly.

And I have a boundless pleasure doing that.

I’ve aleady heard from over 2.500 km away that people talk about my dream, most of the times “behind my back”.

“I just want to write a message to Leo and straighten him up. And not only regarding this trip of his.”

Stuff like this.

And now in the most serious way possible, do I really intend to make this trip around the work? On bike?

Hmmmm… what do you think?

And what if I would tell you that is only one main brick in my whole vision? Would you get ready to call the mentally unstable hospital just because I have the shameless boldness to be ambitious and to have a vision for my life?

You could very well do that.

But they wouldn’t find me at home, because I am too busy preparing myself for the adventure that I’m about to build.

I’m too busy to cycle, to train myself physically.

I’m too busy to train myself mentally, to develop my vision, to put the details of my plan in order.

I’m too busy to write.

I’m too busy to take massive action, daily, in the direction where I want my life to be going.

I’m too busy to live life on my own terms.

Just because you wouldn’t do it and because just the simple thought scares you, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it.

I’m out of here, I have too much work to do.

Leo Burca

P.S. Thanks for the “encouragement”!

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