The BIG Trip: First sponsor – Apero Bikes Horsens

Hello everybody!

I’m very excited. Today I just managed to find our first sponsors/ partners for “The BIG Trip” which is going to be a trip around the world on bike for aproximately 3-5 years.

They are APERO Bikes VIA UC, from Horsens (Denmark).

Some pictures so you can see our new partners:

It started with a bad selfie. 🙂

Continued with some normal pictures.

With Luca (left) and Cris (the other left). In the background you can notice most of the bikes they have. We just rearenged them so they finally have more space in their workshop.

They were extremely happy about it 🙂

So, I’m happy that you also got the chance to meet them.

They have a workshop where they repair bikes for students at VIA University College, they rent bikes for 300 kr. for an entire semester (including any eventual repairs) and they help the administration of the student housing organisation Drosselbo to manage abandoned bikes.

They are really interested about my idea and are happy to help.

They are willing to help with equipment for bikes and even bikes that we are going to customize specifically for the trip and the selected route (more on that soon 😉 ).

They have only 2 terms for this agreement -and we will draft a legal agreement about this, which I totally agree with.
1. I have to be in the workshop for at leaste 2 hours, at least 2 Saturdays per month. I imediately agreed with this, because this way I will get to learn even more about bikes, get my repairing skills improved and eventually start building the bike for The BIG Trip.
2. They want to have equal legal rights for the pictures in which their bike is part of. Which is of course ok with me.

I’ve already connected with them. After repairing and dissasembling bikes, eating and drinking beer together I’ve started to feel a part of the “family”.

Also, the amount of information we are able to share are extremely valuable. The interesting stories about Asia that one of the guys shares with us are amazing and downright in-credible. 🙂

It gives me a look into the future about the amazing stories I will have to tell myself.

Bottom line: We’re making progress. 😉

Make the most out of the rest of your week-end!

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