The Fantastic Four (+update 23.05.2017) – team @ ULCO. E-Commerce

Starting something new can sometimes be tough – but it becomes much easier to take on if you do it with some great people!


As previously said, I was searching for some really special and driven volunteers for my company, ULCO. E-Commerce! 🙂

And I have found my Fantastic Four after having over 10 interviews with a lot of interesting young people!

Even though they just started out, they are learning a lot about our business model, the basics of e-commerce, product research, supplier communication etc, and even more advanced stuff, like finding keywords that are volume-rich. Yeah, they are going to love large data during the next period 🙂

So, I’ve asked them to share some of their background and lessons with us – and here they come.

Aiga Kalneja, Data analyst & Personal Assistant

Aiga comes from Latvia and is a Marketing Management student. She likes working with marketing in general, SEO, campaigns, analysing data, customer care, communication and will even do some Google AdWords if asked nicely. Google analytics is one of her best friends 🙂
She doesn’t like to talk about it much, but she worked for Google for 3 months on the “Ok Google” function (Eng-Latvian). Google is her dream company, but hopefully she’ll fall in love working in our team, help build the company and reap the benefits long term.

Aiga has just one thing to say…

“It has to be so good and beautiful that people should be jealous. If they’re not, you’re doing something wrong!”

Ramona Plaude, Supply Chain Manager

Ramona is also from Latvia and she studies Value Chain Management (just like I did). Starting to work from a young age abroad can be a big challenge, but she did it in order to achieve her dreams and be able to study in Denmark. She is a skilled person, having a wide range of business abilities that she gained through her studies, study projects but also in her internship and various jobs. Ramona also aims to be an entrepreneur one day – so there’s no better place for her to be than in a start-up.

I asked Ramona to tell me some things about herself:

“If I must point out my core strength, it would be the ability to adapt to new challenging environments and show excellent results in my performance. I had my first job abroad when I was 17 and since then I have worked in different multicultural environments in various companies. I learnt a lot about working under pressure and meeting targets set while I was working as a picker in Amazon (England), line worker in Greencore Northampton (England), picker in Reitan Distribution (Denmark). I have proved that I can work in challenging environments and outperform set expectations. During my internship in Lantmannen Unibake I again overcame language and cultural barriers and helped improve inventory management that is not only time saving but also saving financial resources. Besides always giving my best, I love to develop by challenging myself. I was a volunteer in a student organization called AIESEC, where after just couple of months of being a member, I became a Vice President of Marketing department and was responsible for creating marketing strategy together with my 3 people team.
Now I am up to my next challenge to help ULCO. E-commerce to reach its goals. By using my knowledge as a Value Chain Management student and practical experience in various places I am able to understand various processes across supply chain and bring some new insights in the team. Creative thinking together with constant learning is my driver to bring the best results.”

Kaspar Puus, Marketing Campaign Coordinator

Kaspar and I have known each other from CrossFit, where he was one of the athletes – so I knew he’s a cool guy. But after our interview I learned so much more about him, his pursue to improve his habits, to increase his performance and to develop overall. I knew Kaspar should be part of the team because he could learn a lot and eventually bring value to the company. He’s goal is to become an entrepreneur one day and go into a shop, touch a product and think “This product is here because of me!”. He comes from Estonia and is a motivated Marketing Management student.

Kasper, tells us more about yourself…

“I have previously worked as a waiter for two summers in one of the most prestagious restaurants in Estonia and that experience taught me how to work under a lot of pressure but still remain happy, positive and keep a good attitude. I have also successfully participated in Student Firm program (2014-2015), where young people have a chance to establish a company (Student firm VINGA), which generates revenue and is meant to be profitable. Through that program I got to know the basics of economics, entrepreneurship and how companies work. In addition, I have participated in several youth exchanges (in Romania, Germany, Estonia), which gave me an international perspective. I am also volunteering to organize and promote different events. Through that I have gained many useful connections that will definitely help me in the future.”

Zofia Morawska, Brand and Stakeholder Manager

Zofia got in contact after one of our CrossFit sessions and showed interest in becoming part of the team. Even though I had the 3 volunteers I wanted at the time, I accepted to interview Zofia and she convinced me that she should be part of the team. Coming from Poland, she is also a Marketing Management student and has a lot of creative ideas. I was especially impressed by her experience in scouting and volleyball (even since she was a kid) and all the funny/interesting stories she had around them. Zofia is also a hitchhiker with some experience already, and her next goal in this direction is to hitchhike to Iceland – because, why not?

Zofia, what brings you to ULCO?

“I am 19 years old student from Poland🇵🇱. I decided to study in Denmark to challenge myself and develop skills in marketing. Moreover,  I am  a member of Student Sport at our Campus to improve my physical health. The reason I joined ULCO. E-commerce, is that I want to learn, to gain practical experience and useful skills. I became a member of the company to gain experience and knowledge about the subject I am interested in. Before I came to Denmark I used to volunteer for the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) as a leader of the scout group. I organized scout camps and social projects for the local community. As a member of WOSM I developed my personality and leadership skills and became a creative person, who is eager to learn and achieve her goals.”

Update 23.05.2017 – new team members

Maciej Werszler – Graphic & Content Manager

Maciej (aka. Magic) and I have been friends for some years now and our ability to have fun and work together transferred into the workplace. He is a great fit to our team since he has strong work ethic and isn’t afraid to go out of his comfort zone – he’s going to be a book door to door salesman in the USA in the summer of 2017. He’s studying Marketing Management in Denmark (VIA UC), works in two places and leads Calisthenics trainings for students. He’s in for an extra challenge and that’s what we’ll offer him! 🙂 P.S. Proud Polish!!

Claudiu Salagean – Amazon and Marketplace Analyst

Claudiu is the first non-danish based volunteer in the team – he is Romanian but works with us from London, UK. He is what I call an intrapreneur, because he is taking ownership of tasks just as if it would be his own company. Because one day it will, as this is his dream. I was most impressed by the fact that he presented himself genuinely and was willing to share the personal struggles that he surpassed. Most of all, Claudiu is willing to learn new things and is eager to develop personally and professionally. You came to the right  place, buddy! 🙂

‘A quote that I like the most and one that had the most impact on me is: “Do no pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” – Bruce Lee’

Chloe Yuhe Dong – Chinese Consultant

Yuhe Dong or in her English name Chloe is a Chinese student in Denmark coming all the way from the “small” (and extremely beautiful) city of Nanjing, China – only 7.713.100 people. She is facilitating our communication with the Chinese suppliers, helping us understand the cultural differences, researching Chinese websites for price comparisons, among other things. Her help is invaluable as this is a weak spot for the rest of the team.


I’m extremely happy to have every single one of you aboard – I’m sure we’re going to have a good collaboration and do amazing things together! 😉

You’ve been doing a great job so far and I’m looking forward to giving you the benefits. You’ve earned them – together with my appreciation and awe.

Looking forward to build a great company together with them – but more importantly, I want to help them learn and develop the skills they need to succeed professionally and in general in life.

Citius, Altius, Fortius. (~Faster, Higher, Stronger)

Leonard Burcă

CEO & Founder @ ULCO. E-commerce

Leo Burca in costum si la cravata


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