The only way to success

While I was discussing with a friend a few years back, we both got to the conclusion that every person wants something from life. Every person wants to be successful in a certain way. Some want money, others want a relationship, very many wish they would be healthy, a few wish to know what’s their purpose in life, many wish to be loved and appreciated and absolutely all of us wants to be happy.

All of these are riches that life has in store for us, they are personal definitions of success.

After I’ve defined what my personal success is, I’ve started to get very many of the things that I wanted. I would really like to help other people (young ones especially) to get the success and the riches they want from life, because they deserve it.

-‘But how could I help them?’ I’ve asked myself.

I’ve thought that if I analyze everything I’ve done and I extract from it only the principles and the essential elements, I will find the answer.

Meanwhile, I’ve wrote a book, and I’ve discovered “THE ONLY WAY TO SUCCESS”. A way that works a 100%.

It’s not a trick and I don’t promise success overnight. If you want quick and instant solutions, I kindly ask you to search for other sources and turn back after you get out of the dirt you’ll find yourself in. Quick solutions don’t work, and if they do they do the results will be just the same… quick and short-lived.

But if you want success on the long term and you want to keep life’s riches as long as possible, allow me to present you my solution.

I will start by saying that we live in two worlds:

  1. The outer world – that we perceive through our 5 senses. Most of the people tend to focus mainly on this world, because it’s obvious and easy to understand. They tend to place great importance on things such as clothes and the way we look, the car they drive, the house they live in, how thick their wallet is, how full the bank account is and so forth.

Don’t get me wrong, all this things are great and they are also important to me personally. But for me this is just a small part of a much more complex equation.

  1. The inner world. This world can’t be perceived with our senses, it’s invisible and, because it’s not that obvious, very many people don’t manage to understand it. So they stop asking questions. However, they would like to know the answers.

Some of the elements of this world are: thoughts, emotions, character, values, the attitude that we have towards life and everything that can be found in our mind in our spiritual side.

I’ve mentioned above that we all want to be happy, and happiness is an emotion, it comes from the inside world. That’s why, the people that search for it in the outside world don’t find it, and if when they think they do, it’s there just for a glimpse, vanishing again in an elusive manner.

It’s true, the external world does influence your inside one. That’s why you need to be careful at the environment and the friends you spend your time with.

Now I will make a very valuable statement: The inner world is much more important than the outside world.

‘Why?’, you may ask. Because the inner world BUILDS everything that can be found around you.

The thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, your attitude, your values, your character, your mentality and everything else related create yo ur outer world! And they create it either if you want or not. There is literally no escape from this.

If you want to have a beautiful life, to be a successful person on your own terms and to enjoy the riches of life, then you need to work on your inner world. All these things will come as a consequence of the fact that you are educated and you’ve developed yourself from the inside.

Close your eyes and tell yourself if you wish any of the things I’ve mentioned above. Really! Do it now – it’s very important!

Congratulations! You’ve just connected to your inner world! 🙂

Like I’ve mentioned, there is only one way to success. If you follow this path, I can guarantee you success because I’ve already tested this process countless of times. There are several steps that you have to follow so that you can eventually create the life that you want.

To start with, there are 6 basic and important steps. Just as when you climb up a ladder, you must step on each of them individually in order to reach the desired height. You can try to jump over one step, but there is a considerable risk to trip and fall. More than this, in this well-established process it would be just a useless complication.

I don’t want to bombard you with too much information at one time because it’s tiring. We will discuss about the six steps in a future article. Until then, make sure that you’ve assimilated this information. I’ve tried my best to present this powerful law of nature in the least complex way possible, but you shouldn’t take the information lightly. It might be a good idea to re-read this article again after a couple of days.

I’m really passionate about this and I may sound over the top, but I just want to share something that really works in all this waterfall of information that doesn’t really get you anywhere.

That’s why I’ve invested a lot of time in writing more about the only way to success and I’ve put it all into my first book. The book is currently only in Romanian and when it will be translated it will be called “Young and successful” with the sub-title: “My story, dream techniques and success. How YOU can make it as well”.

I’ve especially debated this subject in the chapter “The Inner-Outer Analogy”.

Until next time, work more on your inner world than your outer world and you will have more pleasant surprises than you can currently imagine.

What are your thoughts about what you’ve just read? I’m looking forward to read them in the comments. Alos, let me know if you are interested in the 6 steps. 🙂

Leo (the one that works daily at his inner world) Burcă

Written: 29th of October 2014

Translated to English: 09th of December 2015

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