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I’m a true believer that we can’t perform to the best of our abilities without training both our mind and our body. Thus, one of my mantras is “Mens sana in corpore sano” ( “a sound mind in a sound body”).

I have been a Functional Movement coach (/X-fit trainer) for approximately one year and have been doing it for about 2 years. I’ve been helping people achieve their physical goals and encouraged them to push themselves mentally and physically beyond what they’ve though possible for themselves.

On this page, I will share the workouts that I personally perform either alone or together with my students at VIA Student Sports.

Some students requested the workouts of the day – WODs from now on – when they can no longer attend our trainings, so I though it might be valuable to share this with more people.

Let’s challenge ourselves and achieve our physical goals using these WODs. Let’s become athletes!

There will be a min of 3 WODs per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Make sure to drop by regularly! 😉

The days where no WODs are present should be considered as rest days or you can do light exercises.

The workouts below have been developed either by me, Calle Lose Steenberg, Maciej Werszler (also experienced trainers) or we developed them together for optimal results.

P.S. It would be great if comment your times, personal records or general thoughts about the WODs. This way we can build a community and motivate each other. 😉

Citius, Altius, Fortius. (~Faster, Higher, Stronger)

Leonard Burcă



WOD – For starters.
EMOM format. Every 2 min:
5 kettle bell push press
10 goblet squats
15 kettlebell swings
Burpees for max reps

Rest 2 min.
Repeat for a total of 5 rounds

WOD 24.03.2017

EMOM format. Every 5 minutes for 5 rounds. 2 minutes break after each round.

Option 1 (for more advanced athletes):
10 deadlifts (@50 percent of 1 max)
15 OTB (over the bar) burpees
20 HR (hand release) push-ups

Option 2 (for beginner athletes):
18 goblet squats
18 OTK (over the kettlebell) burpees
18 reverse alternating lunges

26.03.2017 WOD

9 rounds for time
9 thrusters (42,5 kg)
35 double unders (or 3x single unders)

27.03.2017 WOD

EMOM format – Every 6 min for 30 min
200 m run
20/15 push presses
20/15 butterfly sit ups
20/15 push ups
200 m run


In TEAMS of 2. As Many Reps as Possible in 15 minutes
150 Wall Balls (20/14lbs)
90 Double-Unders / 270 SU
30 Pull-Ups


WOD: Fight gone bad:
– kettlebell swings
– burpees
– push press
– flatter kicks
– jumping lunges


Calisthenics Workout

TABATA – 3 rounds of (for a total of 6 Tabata rounds). 1 min break between each Tabata round:


Box sit-ups
Leg raises (on the floor)
Clock rotation leg raises

Hollow body hold


Hollow body hold sit-ups
Plank twist right
Plank twist left
Hollow body hold
Mountain climbers



WOD. Chipper – 20 minutes Time Cap (TC)
3 rounds
400 m run
30 kettle bell swings
400 m run
15 burpees

WOD 05.04.2017

For Time
Sumo Deadlifts high pulls (w/ KB)
Lateral burpee Box Jumps

WOD 06.04.2017

Strength: Kb push press 3×6

WOD “The six”: 6 rounds for time of:
6 pistols
6 clusters (clean og thruster) 60/40. (or Kb clusters 24/16)
6 pull ups (jumping)

WOD 07.04.2017

Don’t cry over spilled milk

AMRAP 1: For 10 minutes
10 burpees
15 Russian KB swings
20 V-ups

AMRAP 2: For 10 minutes
10 jumping squats
15 push presses
20 back extensions

WOD 09.04.2017

In teams of 2, with only 1 person working at a time, complete the following for time:

50 x burpees
100 x double unders
50 x 20lbs 10ft wallballs
100 x deadlifts at 205lbs
50 x pushups (games standards)
100 x kettlebell swings with 24kg KB
50 x pullups
100 x ab mat situps
50 x jump overs (partner on hands and knees, the other partner jumps over their back)
210 feet of overhead walking lunges with a 45lbs plate (plate cannot touch ground ever! if it does, 400m run as a penalty)



Styrke/teknik: cleans (25 min)
WOD – AMRAP 12 min
5 power cleans 50/30
5 front squat
5 burpees
1 min pause ( I recommend 30 sec of break)


Practice TGU – Turkish Get-ups (15 min)
In teams of 2, 2 rounds of:
200 DU/600 SU (double unders / single unders)
60 pull ups
40 T2B -Toes to Bar
20 TGU – Turkish Get-Ups 24/16

14.04.2017 and 15.04.2017: personal workouts. did not write them down.

Stretching + calisthenics + handstand practice


Technique back squat, thrusters og pull ups.
EMOM 10 min:
5 back squat 100/70
5 burpees
OTM maks runder:
1 thruster 45/30
5 pull ups
Hver runde tilføjes der en ekstra thruster indtil fail.


WOD: AMRAP 19 min
8 Pull ups
12 SDHP (with KB) (or 45/30)
16 WB shots


Styrke: 4×5 push press
Air squat
push press
sit ups
box jump


Part A
10 min AMRAP (quality – slow controlled movements)
10 v-ups with weight
10 Sit-Ups with weight
1 min plank
10 Supermans
30 sec break

Part B
AMRAP for 2 min
20 alternating Dumbell and snatches
10 burpees
1 sprint


20 wallball shots
10 burpees
20 toes to bar
10 Pull-Ups
20 pushpress
10 clean and jerk
20 biceps curls
10 bench press with 22.5
Time: 29:00 with break in between


Practice skill: Cleans (12 min)
AMRAP for 16 min
5x Power cleans
5x Front squats
5x burpees
1 min break


Styrke: 3×8 hip thrusters
WOD: 20 min
20 box thrusters (legs on the box, arms on the floor. Jump with the legs next to your elbows and then back up again)
5 reaktionsøvelser
20 DU/60 SU
5 wall climbers


Part A:
Strength: 4×8 floor press
Part B:
18 min time cap
60 WB shot
50 KB swing
40 box jump overs
30 KB push press (30/ 10)
20 burpees
10 KB / dumbbell snatches


Part A:
Strength: 4×8 floor press
Part B;
WOD – AMRAP 10 min
10 kb snatch 24/16
10 one-arms push press (alternating)
10 kb-getups



Due to lack of interaction with this page, it will only be updated upon request from this date forward. 🙂

Happy trainings! 🙂


Citius, Altius, Fortius.

Leonard Burcă

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