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Company name: ULCO. E-commerce Slogan: Your Global Selling Highway

ULCO (an acronym for Unlimited-Life Co.) is an Online Trading Company that uses modern and innovative technologies, systems, tools and emerging trends to develop a new business model. We specialize in e-commerce trading physical products online on the biggest e-commerce platform, Amazon. It has 14 marketplaces and over 300 million active users, and the e-commerce trend increases year over year.

ULCO has two main business areas:
1. Private Label Branding (Business 2 Consumer)

Selling our own products through specialized sub-brands.
For this, we are using Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) – distribution service offered by Amazon for a cost. We use online services to reach manufactures in Asia and purchase products that we private label. We send this inventory to Amazon in the country we intend to distribute.
Our first private label brand “Bello Bambino” (United for Babies) is aimed at selling specialized products for toddlers and new parents.

2. Generating sales for other companies (Business 2 Business)

We partner or offer a one-time service to established or new brands to reach more customers globally, starting on Amazon.com and then the other 13 markets.
We use our expertise gained through our Private Label Brand to help them do so. If we partner, we deliver personalized solutions to solve our clients’ problems (e.g. marketing campaigns, industry specific SEO etc.)
Our first partner is “I See Your Legs”​, offering premium quality Italian tights in an innovative packaging.

Team and execution

Leonard Burca, a recent Bachelor graduate and the applicant got together a team of 4 volunteers with background in Marketing, Value Chain Management, Business Administration and data analysis etc. Even though our experience comes mostly from projects and internships, we compensate by working harder that anyone we know and constantly learning. We have ambitious goals and work with determination to achieve them

The team members are Aiga Kalneja, Ramona Plaude, Kaspar Puus and Zofia Morawska, Maciej Werszler, Claudiu Salagean and Chloe Yuhe Dong.

You can learn more about each of their stories and life-lessons here: THE FANTASTIC FOUR – TEAM @ ULCO. E-COMMERCE

Aiga Kalneja

Ramona Plaude

Kaspar Puus

Zofia Morawska






Maciej Werszler

Claudiu Salagean

Chloe Yuhe Dong

Specialties (in brief):

Supply Chain Management; E-commerce; Internet promotion and Paid Advertisements; SEO (Search Engine Optimization); Sales Generation; Amazon’s platform, algorithms, seller policies, terms and conditions; Product Presentation, Branding; Marketing campaign; Supplier and customer relationships.


Vitus Bering Innovation Park (VBI), Horsens, Denmark

Meet us in person at this address: Chr M Østergaards Vej 4A, 8700 Horsens

Tell us about you and we’ll see if we can help you!

Do you have a physical product that you would like to sell better and create value in the lives of more people? That is our expertise. We’ll help you sell 10s / 100s or even 1000s of units per month, depending on your product.

Contact us now ( Click to email us: leo.ulco.ceo@gmail.com) and we will deliver personalized solutions to solve your problems!

Leonard Burcă

Leo Burca suit up

CEO & Founder @ ULCO. E-commerce

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